A Bridal Party On A Budget

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Weddings can cost a lot of money and planning a wedding can be extremely stressful if you are on a tight budget. There are many traditional aspects to a wedding that every bride and groom unquestioningly goes with and these are the same aspects that cost a lot of money because the vendors and shops that market these products are out to make a quick buck on the bride and groom because they know that most brides and grooms will spend anything to have the perfect wedding. However, if you are creative and you are daring enough to step away from these traditional aspects of a wedding, you will be able to save a lot of money and also have a wedding like no other. What you need to keep in mind is that your wedding day is your big day which means that you get to decide what you want it t be like. There are no rules and no laws about how you should have it and you are not bound by tradition.

Dare to step away from tradition
There are many traditional aspects to a wedding such as t traditional white ball gown, the picture perfect wedding cards and the perfect white party. None of these aspects however need to be a part of your wedding. You can still wear a white gown if you really want to but you can choose a white gown that is not classified as a wedding gown in order to save about ninety percent of the cost of your dress. Instead choose to wear a beautiful flowing white evening gown that will cost you a fraction of the cost.    The funny thing is, no one is ever going to notice. For more info about wedding invitations , visit https://www.lovestruckinvitations.com.au/

In terms of wedding cards and invitations, you could skip buying the expensive invitations from the store and opt instead to do something simple and elegant. Buy a box of blank white cards and simply paste a gold heart in the middle with gold cut out letters of your initials. The price of the design would be almost negligible, the card will be pretty and the best part of all will be that you will be saving money on your wedding budget.

Your bouquet
A bridal bouquet can cost a lot of money and the money that it costs is often not inline with what you receive. There is no point in spending a big amount of money on a bunch of flowers that will be dead by evening. Therefore, opt instead to have some simple flowers plucked from your own garden or even a friend’s garden that you can tie in a bunch.