Gift Ideas For A Boho Friend

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If your best friend is one of those whose got an artistic air and carries herself around like a Bohemian, these are some of the ideas that can be useful for you. We all love to get gifts that are personalized hence you always have the ability to personalize any of the following options with a little engraving.

A Hat

A hat, black or brown would always be appreciated by a boho lover. Your best friend can incorporate a hat into any of her attires. Since she can use it quite often you will be a constant reminder in her mind.


Boho chic jewellery is another option. You can get her some funky jewellery in a wooden jewellery box, as they love anything to do with wood and thereby nature. They can be huge chunky necklaces, bracelets, rings and so on. Trust me they love the chunks and the colours. If you are lucky enough to find a gypsy looking head dress or waist band they would be cool too. 

Something with a Tribal Effect

Apart from accessories in a pleasing box, you can also gift her clothes. A colourful tribal skirt would be a perfect gift or even a maxi dress. Lace can be an option but make sure it has that tribal effect. If you get a dress or a blouse, it can be off shoulder or with flared sleeves or baggy as long as it seems chic. A romper or a jacket too can be some interesting options that you can pick from.

A Belt

Belts can be worn with a pair of pants as well as with a dress, hence a brown belt maybe. She may also incorporate it with a maxi skirt if preferred.

Leather Sandals

A knee length strapped pair of sandals or flats would add to the Bohemian look. The reason why this sense of fashion always suggests a pair of sandals or boots, as it has the free- spirited wanderer effect, which is the whole idea of Boho fashion.

Gypsy Handbag

A leather satchel can be another ideal gift option. It is very useful as she would use it often.

A Hippie Pair of Jeans

Ripped jeans or denim shorts would be perfect as long as you know her exact size, but just to be on the safe side make sure they can be exchanged when you purchase them at the store.

Hope the above ideas would help you decide on that gift, however since they are of a unique sense you may not be able to find them at any store, hence check online before you start hunting for them.