How To Prevent Being Robbed

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The world can be a scary place as there are many people who might try to gain from your fortunes and who also might take advantage of your hard work the minute you let your guard down. Therefore it is vital that you are always aware and alert so that you can prevent losing the things that belong to you.

Know who to trust

Some people may seem trust worth but they might really have a hidden agenda for wanting to get to know you. You should never let out your secrets and information about yourself to people you hardly know, take the time to get to know the people in your life and if you are a hundred percent sure that they can be trusted only then should you start opening up to them about certain aspects of your life. However, there are certain things that you do not even have to tell the people close to you. For example, your credit card and the credit card number should be only for your eyes, because giving people your credit card and the credit card number would give them easy access to the money you have in your bank.

If you are carrying a lot of money in one of the many womens leather clutches you own be very discreet about this. Try not to draw too much attention to yourself as this could lead to you being mugged. Especially when you are walking alone at night, make sure you do not walk alone in a deserted street which has hardly any lights. Always go where there are people as there is a lower chance of you being robbed or attacked. Travelling in groups would be safer than travelling alone as you are less likely to be attacked if you are travelling in a group. Carrying pepper spray would be a wise option as you can use it to defend yourself if you are ever attacked.

Lying around the house

Do not keep any valuable items lying around the house especially if you have construction workers walking in and out of the house. Keep your leather luxury bags online locked away somewhere safe and make sure that you keep the key with you. Before you go to bed at night make sure all of your windows and door are securely shut as any unlocked window or door will make it easy for a thief to enter. If you feel that there is strange activity going on outside your house, do not hesitate to call the police because even if it is a false alarm it is better to have the area checked out.