Motivational Gift Ideas For Difficult Times

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Life was never promised to be a walk in the park. It’s supposed to have its low points so that we can appreciate the high points. You are supposed face your battles, and the victories or in some cases, the battle scars, can pave the path of your future. But fighting your own battles and watching your loved ones fight their battles are two completely different things. Often there’s nothing to do; but to be supportive. In times like this people often tend to look for gifts to give their loved ones; a tactile token of their support. Whether it’s a wish to grow stronger and healthier, a motivational gift to keep going, or even a simple thing like getting over a broken relationship, there’s always a perfect gift…and we’ve assembled below our tips and gift ideas to help you figure out what to buy or get.
Motivational gifts in the form of jewelry.When thinking of motivational or inspirational gifts for women, jewelry makes a versatile gift. It could be a bracelet or even a pendant. You could have a plain, flat bracelet engraved with your very own words of motivation. You can even get it engraved in your own language. Jewelry doesn’t have to be store bought to be special though. You can make your own motivational bracelet using bead that has inspirational words on it. Even paper beads work beautifully here. Don’t forget that jewelry aren’t ideal christian prints for her only—men wear jewelry too!
Books and stationary.Depending on the situation, books too can become ideal motivational gifts. There are many authors who’ve written inspiring books that could save lives at times—or perhaps be just the right words they need to read in that situation of their life. While it may be difficult to put yourself into their shoes, perhaps you should read the book first to make sure that it will be useful and inspiring, and not patronizing. If your “gift receiver” likes to write, even notebooks and diaries customized with inspiring quotations could be a nice gift.
Words on paper.Wall frames make perfect “you can do it!” gifts. You can frame your own words or quotes from famous people. Again this can be both store bought or handmade…the sentiment would be the same. Quotes needn’t be printed only on frames though; they can also be printed on magnets, t-shirts, coffee mugs and even paper weights. It all depends on the seriousness and depth of the situation. Accompany your gift with your best “it’ll all be ok” hug and we promise, they’ll feel better and stronger. There’s nothing more strengthening like the love and support of those around you…