Throwing A 70’s Party

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A party can be enjoyable to great lengths. However the enthusiasm a theme party could create is on a whole different level especially, when it is a 70’s party that is being anticipated. It would hardly excite anyone now, to be confronted with the items and ideas that could be used in a normal party. This could simply be because they have already seen it somewhere else. Nonetheless, a 70’s themed party is not experienced by many. The curiosity and the urge to dress up as if you are from those years could be a total new experience.

Firstly, as it is a themed party, the main focus of your party should be the décor of it. You need it to level with the theme you have come forth with. This is crucially important because this would be the key factor to the success of your party. No 70’s party could be complete without a disco ball. You will need to set it up on the ceiling in order to immediately create the feel of it. You could decorate the walls around you with posters that would be in favor of the 70’s.

Furthermore, in order to create a funky experience you could even get a supply of quality bongs for sale in Australia. This way, everyone at your party could enjoy it to the maximum. Make sure you get other such items as well to get along with the whole concept. Afterwards, you could send out your invitations. Before sending them out, you could try to make it funky as well by sticking 70’s pictures on it. It could even have a picture of the most famous bands of then.

Get lava lamps, beaded curtains and even fog machines so that you could make it livelier. Another thing you can do is, modifying it a bit as well. It could be extremely colorful by the use of neon lights and neon cups as well. However, make sure that it does fit the theme. An essential would be to have a great amount of snacks that will be available throughout the party. This could simply include popcorn, cookies, chips and dips, burgers and even cakes.

Once you have looked into these matters, then you could decide on your music. The music needs to be disco-dancing as it will majorly contribute to the liveliness of the party. You can look through magazines, search online and get hold of CD’s. Another thing you can do is, if you have friends who can sing; make them hold a little live concert. They could practice a few songs that would surely create thunderous excitement just as the 70’s back then.