Window Seats Can Be Your Comfort Zone

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When you wish to simply tuck your feet under you and lose yourself in a book or two, a window seat is the ideal place. When you have large bay windows or corner ones with a seat or a wide ledge evenly, such a space can be converted into a comfortable seating zone. Well decorated window spaces look attractive and can create a warm look for any room. Here are some ideas to decorate and use such spaces.

Have padded seating

The first thing you need to do is create a padded seating for the window sill. If there is already a padded seat, opt for a bright or a pastel shaded cover for the seat. A uniform shade will look good as it will allow you to decorate the space with bright colored or soft black & white cushions. Hence, when choosing a cover for the window seat, opt for cotton or linen based monochrome fabric. Bright, uniform colors can look great as well. When you are deciding on the color of the seat cover, look around the rest of the room. Choose between the dominant colors that are present and coordinate accordingly.

Placing cushions sensibly

Once the seat pad and cover is done, you can then choose the cushions for the space. Check for the space you have to place cushions and that will help you determine the size of them, whether you can accommodate large cushions or small ones. In such ways you can ensure that you have the right cushions for the seat. When it comes to choosing cushion covers, there are myriads of choices. To choose the base colors or shades let the rest of the room décor decide. For instance, if the seat is located in a library room where you have wooden furniture and brown or pastel shades for the furnishings, you need to opt for colors that match or are bright contrasts to such shades. Hence, opt for light yellow or floral prints on beige background. You could also opt for different hues of brown or patterns in yellow.

Other accessories to include

Depending on the space you have, you could place a few books in one corner or have a storage space created below the seat. You could have charms hanging from the window sill even. You might also want to opt for different colored curtains in order to liven up the room and make the window space look cozier. The above ideas can help you create a wonderful, cozy space for yourself or your loved ones by the windows of your rooms.